Dedicated Magento hosting

Fast implementation

We implement the Magento store and configure it for you. We install and modify modules and template.

Daily backups

We back up your Magento pages every 24 hours. We can restore your Magento online store from a previous backup at any time

Technical assistance

Get the help of a responsible, knowledgeable manager. Provide us with your project requirements and our manager will take care of the rest!

The highest level of performance

We provide reliable and fast VPS servers as well as dedicated servers based on fast SSD disks

Best Magento Hosting
Comprehensive Magento Store Service

Magento Help

In difficult situations, you can always count on our help in the field of Magento and server configuration

Magento technical support

You are stuck or need new Magento extensions. We will take care of their selection and installation

Magento update

We update the Magento server and store and update Magento modules 

Additional services

We install new Magento modules. We create integrations with wholesalers, producers and ERP systems

SEO optimization

Optimizing a Magento template or modules. Installation and configuration of SEO modules

Magento security

Backup copy guarantee up to 30 days. Help in restoring a copy of the Magento store

Step-by-step launch of the Magento store

we will move and launch the Magento store in 15 days

Step 1

initial telephone conversation

Our project manager will call you within 6 hours of purchase to discuss all the details of your chosen Magento hosting package.

Step 2

Magento store installation

The next 15 days we will work on your Magento server taking into account all your requirements. In case of ambiguities, the project manager will explain them with you on an ongoing basis.

Step 3

launch of the Magento store

As a result, you will have a fully ready-to-use online store that is already online. Our employee will provide a short training that will allow you to take full advantage of the Magento hosting resources

We will need some information to provide you with the fastest running Magento store and server:

The following points are the minimum we need to be able to run the Magento server and store that will be able to sell.

SSH accesses
Thanks to the SSH connection, we are able to copy the entire Magento store and database to the new server. if you buy hosting for a new store, we can install and run it for you
E-mail accounts
Together with the store, we often copy e-mail accounts with the history of messages to the new server The e-mail can also run on an independent e-mail server
Magento panel url
So that after copying the Magento store, we conduct store management and sales tests We also check that all data has been transferred correctly
Additional integrations
Additional integrations with wholesalers. Unusual solutions in the store. To ensure the correct operation of the integration, we will adjust the server

How do we help our clients migrate their Magento 1 to Magento 2

We can implement a complete migration project or assist you on any of the steps

Step 1

Remove unused M1 extensions

We’ll take time to audit and remove outdated, redundant data from your Magento 1.x database to simplify your migration.

Step 2

Prepare Magento 2 for data migration from Magento 1

Our specialists will Install a new Magento 2 instance on a server and prepare it for migration.

Step 3

Migrate product- and customer-related data

Then we migrate all data, including products, attributes, categories, customers, orders, invoices, cart price rules, and other to the Magento 2 instance.

Step 4

Migrate extensions

Having collected your requirements, we create a list of Magento 2 extensions meeting your needs, set them up and migrate Magento 1 extension-related data, if needed.

Step 5

Migrate and optimize your theme

Our specialists will migrate your Magento 1 theme to Magento 2 and optimize it to ensure smooth shopping experience to your customers.

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